There’s a certain honestly about Olivia and it comes across in her artwork…I look forward to seeing her Artwork mature as time goes on.


We’re collectors of Olivia's artwork and have been for years…We hope she keeps going!  It's been exciting to watch!


We Love An Original Olivia, LLC!!!   We pray that her business continues to grow and prosper.


I have been following and watching Olivia develop as an artist since she was 8 years old! It’s been amazing to watch as she matures into a beautiful young woman and artist! Every year, I ensure that I purchase something from Olivia to add to my collection. I wish her the very best.


Olivia Bruce is a very special young lady.  She is very creative, artistic and ORIGINAL…Her talent far exceeds her age… Her work is second to none!!!! I’am truly a fan for life!  #TeamOlivia